Arbius employs its native token for governance purposes, granting holders the authority to vote on crucial protocol developments and treasury management decisions. Governance starts with Snapshot voting and eventually moves to being entirely on-chain.

Subsequent phases will introduce technology and economic proposals, on-chain governance, and finally, the relinquishment of control by the team, paving the way for a truly autonomous entity.

This guide serves as an introduction to our approach to governance, which is pivotal for the evolution of the Arbius into a fully autonomously governed in the future.

Phase 1: Funding Proposals (Deployed) Phase 2: Technology & Economic Proposals (Not Yet Deployed) Phase 3: On-Chain Governance (Not Yet Deployed) (On-Chain) Phase 4: Fully Autonomous Network (Not Yet Deployed) (On-Chain)

DAO Phase 1’s Voting Parameters

DAO Phase 1’s parameters are intended to be conservative, and currently phase 1 uses a combination of forum, submission procedures and Snapshot to achieve its goals.

All of the following parameters are subject to change via future governance updates implemented in subsequent phases as the DAO evolves.


If you are considering submitting a funding proposal to Arbius’s DAO, please read the guidelines and procedure.


For AIUS holders on ETH, holders must go to Snapshot page and delegate to yourself or someone else to get their balance counted. This also counts LP on GYSR, LP on Uniswap V3 and his or her ETH token balance.

For Arbitrum Nova AIUS holders you cannot delegate, instead your staked amount in miner and your balance on Nova can be used for voting.

Voting Delay

Users have 3 days to prepare their Arbius for voting once a proposal has been submitted. No voting may take place during this period.

Voting Period

Users have 3 days to vote on a proposal. We use Bravo style voting which allows for "For", "Against", and "Abstain" choices.

Proposal Threshold

You must have staked the required minimum for being a miner on Arbitrum Nova, or have a miner sponsor do this for you. (Check this amount on the Arbius explorer page, as it is constantly rising).


Arbius requires a 2000 AIUS token quorum of "For" votes to pass a proposal.

Timelock Queue

There is no time lock currently. In the future, we will add timelock in later phases.

Final thoughts

Governance is best done in the open. Please communicate any proposals and gain community support before proposing any transaction.