The core to Arbius is a decentralized machine learning platform. Imagine Midjourney or ChatGPT, but on-chain, fully reproducible, and censorship resistant. The native token for Arbius is called AIUS.


To quicky test Arbius out, you can try doing a generation. Head over to the generate page and try to make some images. You will need to connect your wallet via Metamask, and have tiny bit of ETH on Arbitrum Nova to connect your wallet to the contract.

To use Arbitrum Nova, you will want to bridge some ETH over to Arbitrum Nova.

You start by choosing a model, for this we'll use Kandinsky 2. Select it in the dropdown, then in the prompt textbox input whatever you imagine. Try something such as "a cat looking at the moon". For now, it should be possible to get tasks mined for free, but in the future you'd want to send some AIUS along with your request so that miners will prioritize your generation.


Cool! All generations are on-chain, so you can see what other users have been creating. Check them out by navigating to this miners history page - all generations are public and visible by anyone. Try to find additional interesting artists who are creating cool stuff that is worth a follow or re-share.

LP Staking

Have some AIUS and want to earn by staking? You can do so by providing liquidity to the Arbius protocol. You will get free Arbius made available to you - 9% of all newly created Arbius is sent to staked liquidity providers.

If you don't have any Arbius tokens yet, you can buy them on Uniswap.

Pair Arbius (AIUS) with Ethereum (ETH) on Uniswaps's Add Liquidity page. This does not by itself generate staking rewards.

To get staking rewards, deposit your LP tokens that you got from Uniswap on the GYSR page. You will start seeing your Arbius available to claim increasing. You can come back as much as you want to claim more, but there is not much benefit to claiming more than once a day.

Your claimed tokens now may be sold back to market, or used to pay for generations.

Become a miner (technical)

To become a miner you will need access to a powerful computer and GPU like an A100. You will also need to stake some AIUS to mine. It is possible to "self-mine" which means generating new tasks for yourself to solve. You can earn large amounts of Arbius this way, however it requires substantial investment and technical knowledge.

Read the full guide on this

Register a model (technical)

Are you a machine learning researcher, someone who makes fine-tunes, or someone looking to monetize your open source work? Do you want to provide your models to the world in a way that makes them almost impossible to be shut down? Deploying your models to Arbius is simple and fun. And it's even possible to launch your model as a DAO, with a proven tokenomics model that allows anyone to invest in your work and share future rewards.

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Integrate Arbius (technical)

Do you have a dapp, marketplace, social media site, or some other idea that could benefit from decentralized machine learning?

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Participate in the future of Arbius! Arbius governance is completely decentralized and managed by the owners of the Arbius token. Delegate voting to yourself or someone else to participate in Arbius governance.

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